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Ingredients: Longan, wolfberry, red dates, wolfberry tea, roses
Storage method: dry, sealed, refrigerated, anti-odor
Shelf life: 365 days
Packing: Boxed
Tea Type: Combination Flower Tea
Applicable season: winter spring summer autumn
Net content: 150g
Jujube longan tea is a tea drink made from red dates, longan and medlar, which has the effect of beauty and beauty.
Jujube can be drunk in the wok and soaked in water. It can treat stomach cold and stomach pain, and then add longan, which is the blood and qi tea. It is especially suitable for teachers, salespersons, etc. who use the frequency of scorpion. If you add 4 to 6 capsules, you can treat constipation, but people with loose stools should not add lice.
A female friend who often drinks red dates and longan tea, has a fair skin and good cosmetic results. Do not put more scorpions, a few can be, red dates and longan will be 6 ~ 8 tablets on the line, every morning after work to give yourself a cup, not only qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for long look in front of the computer Office family. It is useless to fry hard and fry black jujube tea in the iron pan, because the outer skin wraps the date, the nutrients can’t come out, and the fried red dates are soaked in boiling water and the skin is cracked. The nutrients inside will slowly ooze out. Red dates 10 cuts, 3 slices of ginger, boiled water, is a good prescription for appetizing.

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