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Bullet Points:
1、High-quality Raw Materials: Picking fresh tea tender leaves and going through steaming, grinding, crushing, low temperature drying and other processes, the tea leave nutrition are well preserved in the power.
2、Fine Powder: After baking, drying and repeated grinding, the power is fine, smooth and soft to touch.
3、Easy to Use: Just tear it apart and use it. It is an essential ingredient to try desserts and pass your free time.
4、Long Shelf Life: Please store the power in cool and dry place. After opening, the bag must be sealed and refrigerated, which can be stored for 12 months. The finished product is delicate, soft and chewy.
5、Wide Application: The power can be used as raw materials for making cakes, tiramisu, etc. or sprinkled on the cake surface for decoration.
Ingredients: green tea
Net content: about 100g
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage method: cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Packing List:
1 Pack of Matcha Powder

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