K-Allo, The Digital Allo

First of its kind in history, same ancient wooden Islamic writing tablet enhanced digitally for Islamic Education, General Knowledge and Skill Acquisition for children. K-Allo is designed to maintain the primary purpose of the ancient Allo for learning how to read and write during Islamic Studies. In addition, K-Allo will also benefit children in strengthening their basic academic knowledge and entrepreneurship skills


Kasuwanmu Dot Com Limited



Contract Duration:

24 months

Project Timeline:

July 19, 2020 – June 22, 2022

Project Name:

Expected MOQ:

1,000,000 Units

01. Project Scope

In this project K-Allo, all the levels of product customization was engaged right from the idea, It was very challenging due to its complex requirements and for the fact that its first of its kind in the world so there was no source of inspiration everything had to be conceptualized from the ground up. This patented project have so far lasted for over a 1 year but finally actualized and currently in the mass production stage. See below all the steps and stage taken in this project .

02. Solutions

K- Allo is Set to proffer solutions to children and youths. however a child will from time to time need to pair up with parents to guide and direct, this  makes K-Allo a positive impact for all users

K-Allo will provide solution for;

  • For out of school children (Almajiris)
  • For urban Islamic Children
  • For suburban Islamic Schools
  • A Tool for Islamic Parent
  • For online remote Islamic education