Strategic & Tactical Sourcing, QC and QA

Our Sourcing services will save you all the stressful and high man-power demanding processes. The quality check, logistics operations and most especially the credibility issues with some factories, lets do the sourcing heavy lifting for you so you can focus on scaling your business and launching your winning products

At Threeniti, we believe that Sourcing & Quality Check needs to be high tech driven in the 21st century, so we are on a mission to change how sourcing is being done using the power of combine technology.

With over 15 combined years of experience in the general merchandising industry, a wide use of technology, and a fully bilingual team, you’re in good hands.

Whether you are an E-Commerce business (Including Amazon FBA) or a distributor, we can help you.

Production Follow-up

Sourcing suppliers for a product takes a few hours, but following up production will usually last 20-60 days. Our agent helps you coordinate with factories all the time to ensure products are made according to your requirements. This is a very important work because we help you save huge time.

Temporal Warehouse

We can temporarily keep your products in our warehouse in China for a small fees per CBM per month. You can take time to send more products to us, and we help you collect all products, consolidate them into one shipment to save shipment cost

General Quality Inspection

We open 20-30% numbers of cartons and randomly inspect products in each carton. If there are defective products found, your agent will help negotiate with suppliers to fix the problem on your behalf. Or we can also hire workers to repair defects in our warehouse before shipping out of China.

Arrange shipment

We help you ship products from China to your address in any countries, or Amazon warehouses and handle all import & export processes. You always get a competitive shipping quote from us, no matter its courier service, sea freight, or air freight.

how we help

Align Budget with Quality & Focus on Satisfaction

How It Works & How We Do It

We have experienced people saying; Want to import from China but don’t know how to start? Want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory is reliable? Don’t worry; Here is how we can help.

  • Firstly you need to submit an inquiry, telling us what products you want or how we can help you. Then we will assign you an agent to provide you the following services.
  • Product Sourcing, cost evaluation: Your agent will help you search as many suppliers in China and get you the most competitive price according to your product requirements. He can also help you evaluate the total cost for mass production, shipping, and customs duty to your country.
  • Product Sample, Customization: Your agent will help you collect product samples from different suppliers (could be your suppliers), check the quality, and ship them to you in one box; thus, you can save a lot of shipping fees. He can also help you customize samples with your logos, requirements, making them look the same as your bulk order. (Please see our OEM Services page where we explain Product customization in details)
  • Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance: We offer free consulting for any pieces of knowledge related to import, export,
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