We Offer Complete Molding/OEM/ODM Services

When we listen to your ideas we are always eager to excite you with how best we can bring your ideas to real life manifestation. We have a one-stop complete solution for all your OEM and ODM needs. We will translate your raw ideas and reduce it to a tech flow with the best implementation strategy using the state-Of-The-Art methodology.

Our OEM/ODM services includes the following items;

  • Printing your logo on your desired products
  • Design & Develop related Mobile Apps
  • Packaging design and user manual with your logo on them
  • Product Designs including Structures and electronics (Functions Development)
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Mold design and productions
  • Injection molding and components
  • Product Assembly
  • Surface treatment and logo printing

Our mold designers adopt advanced design software, such as Auto CAD, Solidworks, MasterCAM etc, to perfectly embody customers concept into the product structure design. Tool DFM & Mold flow analysis are very essential and helpful to avoid potential manufacturing defects and get innovative products to market faster.

The application of mold flow analysis can meet the needs of different product development and design. Through high-speed carving and cutting (24000rpm), precision mirror discharge, high-precision wire cutting process technology, combined with 3D CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), high-precision, high quality molds are manufactured.

  • 6 Advanced CNC machines: Charmilles, Seiki, MITSUBISHI
  • High precision tooling (part tolerance +/- 0.05mm and less)
  • Complex tooling, pull core
  • Insert Mold tooling
  • Over molding
  • Sandwich molding Tool

This sleeve part is also high precision and very thin, its thickness is only 0.64mm, actually it will be very hard to ensure its filling, but our engineering team has full experience in making these so thin parts, they would design the mould structure to perfectly embody the customer’s part design into the goods. Before fabricating, they would make mold flow& tool DFM for verifying all the design details, to make sure the filling is good.

Our Molding Partners are globally recognized as Overmolding, Insert Molding and Two Color professional Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer that produces components featuring a high degree of difficulty. We use our creative methods of manufacturing, advanced processes and experience to produce your most complex products to the highest standards. Also we provide precision components and value added services to leading companies throughout the world.

This very difficult and delicate method. Twin-shot mold can use two kinds of plastic materials in the same injection molding machine, forming two times, but the products are only molded once. This molding process is also called double injection molding, using a specialized double-color injection molding machine and one set of mold to complete two kinds of material injection. Our company has different tonnage and sizes of two-shot injection molding machines. These machines can produce double injection parts ranging from smaller pieces such as mini USB cover to large pieces of the instrument shell.

Our company already has a very mature technology in this field, well known in the industry for our superior double injection products.

The common double injection product has soft plastic material coated on the periphery of the hard plastic material. However, we can provide the parts which two kinds of hard plastic parts combined with each other, and also adopt this technology to combine high-transparent windows with rigid plastic in a product. They are placed in our 10000 class of dust free injection room for productions.

Silicone over-mold injection molding process involves two steps wherein a completed plastic or metal entity is placed into the mold site of an LSR mold, after which the LSR is over-molded directly onto the part.

One of the benefits of liquid silicone over-molded parts and components is that the manufacturing process allows for the use of a non-plastic substrate, such as steel. It is important to note that over-molding is the only way to incorporate materials, aside from other thermoplastics and LSR, into the injection molding process.

Threeniti Will ensure all the secondary process properly attended

Molding Finishing Processes

Threeniti also offers all of the secondary operations, such as silk printing, pad printing, oil spray, uv coating, ultrasonic welding, part decorating, plating, laser etching, assembly for plastic housing with silicone components, metal pieces, and cables, and full packaging in our house.

Quality Control & Inspection

We’re committed to providing clean, defect-free parts for clients throughout the world. From our custom facilities-we build these parts with some of the most sophisticated automation in the plastic & rubber industry.

how we help

Align Budget with Quality & Focus on Satisfaction

What are the measures of our Quality Assurance?

The key factors in helping us to maintain our high quality is the use of following quality systems through all of our business in factory.

  • ISO9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
  • TS 16949 – Automotive Industry Quality Management Standard
  • All of the materials are compatible with RoHs, UL…certifications.
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