what makes us different

All the way One - Stop Merchandising & Product Branding solution

We are different in a simple but fulfilling way. You give us your ideas while you go ahead with that vacation you’ve been longing for or continue with your day to day activities,  knowing that you are rest assured we are doing all the heavy lifting for you and your ideas have been nurtured and manufacture to a bankable product all the way to the market.

You wont have to worry about calling and negotiating with multiple factories, packaging companies, shipping agent or hiring a marketing agency. We got you all the way to successful fulfilment.

We don't just turn your ideas to your dream business, we also have you trained enough to understand and operate the needful.


Client Learning Programs

We are not playing, we mean business, that is why we go extra miles to curate partnership opportunities for your branded products

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Partnership Ecosystem

Our team of engineers will constantly help you come up with innovative improvement to your product for future versions

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New Business Innovation

marketing analysis
business innovation
Implementation strategies
corporate management
the language of business

Consultancy That Empowers You

On like others, we don’t charge for consultancy its 100% FREE as it is very important we break down all understanding of your ideas and give you our recommendations before formal engagement that way you feel safe working with us.

Our Philosophy

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, we ensure the following;

Research and Development

We expose our inhouse talents with enough research resources to explore new ideas and technological advancements by attending trade shows, conferences, seminars and workshops

Seeking More Partnership

We believe that the more partnership acquired the more resources available for us to serve our customers more effectively

Our Mission

To simplify and unify the entire chain of physical product merchandising and product labelling thereby paving the way for a more friendly business environment for buyers, service providers, and manufacturers through the following platforms;

Shopfromasia.com Platform

Shopfromasia.com is set to experience more transformation to become established and known as a global platform for accessing one stop solution for retailing, wholesale, OEM/ODM, Product launch and access to global market leveraging the advancement of Asian economy.

Trinovator.com Platform

Trinovator is set to become the largest online community for people who want to brand their own products through affiliate partnership with Threeniti and also make extra income from referring other membership

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading One-Stop-Solution provider of technology driven physical product merchandising and product brand labeling in order to become the most trusted gateway for;

Top Asian Manufacturers

To access more business opportunities from the rest of the world through profitable partnership engagement with Threeniti for a WIN-WIN mutual benefits

For Startups and Freelancers

To have more business patronage through our streamlined technological processes and partnership facilitation with global affiliates who are also seeking business distributorship opportunities

main principles

Global Reach with Local Understanding

Exceptional Client Service

In healthy companies, changing directions or launching new projects means combining underlying strengths and capacities with new energy and support.

A Great Team and Winning Culture

At Threeniti, Team work is the back-bone of our core expertise which in turn creates a culture of great communication skills at work place for effective deliveries.

A Commitment to Integrity, Fairness

We believe that a good name is a raw diamond which when tapped brings an incomparable wealth and business success. We remain fully committed to every client project with absolute fairness with our suggestions and recommendations. Not primarily focusing on profit but the integrity of Threeniti